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Forecasts 2022 (I): it will be a good year for the stock market and values ​​to keep track of

A few days ago, a survey conducted by eToro among Spanish investors pointed to our selective IBEX 35 as the fundamental benchmark for 2022, with 46% of those consulted indicating that it would be one of those with the greatest growth potential, in front of NASDAQ 100 or the EURO STOXX 50. Something that they attribute to proximity, since investors tend to dedicate their money to what they know best and what they feel most comfortable with.

And they put the focus in sectors such as technology, without forgetting the industry with the greatest potential, with energy and renewables also in their sights, along with drug companies and electric vehicle companies. All this against the real estate sector, that of infrastructure, raw materials or agriculture that they left aside. Without forgetting, of course, the interest in cryptocurrencies.

This in terms of users, but if we approach the professionals, we see that, for the most part, The Ibex does not stand out very much in its European look. Even if not all think alike.

From Bank of America they overweight Spanish equities that would grow between a range of 5 to 11%. But the best thing about it is that it would do so in a negative environment in the Eurostoxx 600, for which it foresees cuts of 10% at the end of next year. Europe underweight overall, with macro indicators under review and benefits that will not have as strong a growth as in 2021.

And within that support for Spanish equities and the path of its selective value values ​​are framed and also airlines. All this with the reference that the omicron variant will become a marginal risk in 2022 for financial markets.

Too Deutsche Bank bets on the Ibex, with a margin of growth, from its current levels, that could exceed 14% since they see the selective Spanish rising to levels of 9,500 points despite the fact that they estimate that their dependence on the banking and electricity sector shows a divergence with the rest of the European indicators.

Ibex annual price of the indicator

They consider that the current march of the Ibex is due to the absence of the large management companies, in a market, such as the Spanish one marked by the private investor and due to the low presence of EFT, the index funds that track the index, hence its high volatility compared to other indicators.

As for Citigroup, it does not bet especially on Spanish equities, not much less, in the queue next to the Swedish market throughout Europe.But yes for some of its values. This is the case of Iberdrola, one of his favorites on his future journey in 2022. It gives you a target price of 11 euros per share, after the falls that the value is experiencing on account of the price of electricity and its repercussions. That means the American investment bank gives you a bullish run of 12.8% for the stock.

Iberdrola annual price of the security

From Jefferies they place Meliá Hotels as one of their favoritess among European stocks as one of their biggest bets for 2022. There is even an improvement of recommendation on the value, from hold to buy with a target price of 7.5 euros per share for next year with a potential upside of 36% from yesterday’s trading levels.

Meliá Hotels annual value price

While, from Morgan Stanley there is an improvement in terms of BBVA, another of his long-term Spanish bets, with a 20% revaluation margin in the next 18 to 24 months, with overweight recommendation in the market.

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