Sunday, August 14

Holaluz increases its capital by 7.5 million to accelerate the Revolution of the Roofs

Holaluz, the green energy technology company listed on BME Growth since November 2019, opts to reinforce its capital with the aim of accelerating the Rooftop Revolution. The total amount of the operation is 7,499,990.04 euros at a price of 13.81 euros per share.

In the current context of the world energy price crisis, a result of the current energy and environmental model crisis, the Rooftop Revolution offers Holaluz customers the possibility of transforming each m2 of their roof into 100% green energy for everyone, saving more than 50% on their electricity bill. Holaluz proposes the disruption of the current generation-consumption model, converting each m2 of roof into distributed generation and creating a large energy community in Spain that connects domestic customers with green energy producers.

The new investors are Abacon Invest GmbH, Pelion Green Future Alpha GmbH and MDR Inversiones, who have outstanding investments in the photovoltaic market for domestic customers and the clean energy transition. Pelion Green Future Alpha GmbH and MDR Inversiones, already joined the Rooftop Revolution previously in 2021 and have now increased their position in the company.

Holaluz has reached binding agreements for underwriting of a total amount of 6,699,990.55 euros (nominal value plus issue premium). The participation based on the binding subscription agreements is distributed among the three investors as follows:

  • Abacon Invest GmbH: With an amount to be subscribed of 3,999,997.45 euros and 289,645 shares.

  • Pelion Green Future Alpha GmbH: With an amount to be subscribed of 2,499,996.68 euros and 181,028 shares.

  • MDR Investments: With an amount to be subscribed of 199,996.42 euros and 14,482 shares.

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