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How much does a university professor charge?

Despite the teachers and teachers are the pillars of education system of our country, his salary does not usually correspond to such a responsibility and leaves much to be desired.

Thus, teachers who teach secondary education in our country charge an average of 2,300 euros gross per month, a figure that is reduced by 400 euros if they work in private schools and that varies by about 600 euros from one autonomous community to another.

At the university, the figures that are handled also vary depending on the autonomous community and the supplements that are received. However, there is no excessive variation in the pay they receive at public and private universities, and professors at both centers charge roughly the same. Thus, the average base salary is usually around 2,000 euros gross per month, to which we must add seniority – if it is more than 10 years it amounts to about 45,000 euros gross per year – and that does not include three-year (40 euros), five-year or six-year terms (120 euros).

Categories and temporary charges

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The Professional category It also influences salaries, how could it be otherwise. Thus, professors can earn between 3,000 and 6,000 euros per month gross (56,000 – 73,000 euros per year), tenured professors the aforementioned 2,000 euros per month and assistant professors, doctors and associates have a salary of between 300 to 700 euros per month, depending on the hours of teaching.

A separate chapter deserves temporary management positions and supplements: you can receive emoluments for certain positions such as rector (8,202 euros gross per year), dean (4,097 euros) or head of laboratory (3,281 euros).


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