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Microsoft and Dell want to make laptops more serviceable, and that’s good news for the entire industry.

Every year more than 53 million tons of electronic waste are generated in the world. If instead of replacing the devices every time they break or need new features we could repair or update them to continue using them we would be able to substantially reduce the negative environmental impact.

Companies like Microsoft and Dell are giving the first steps to making your products more serviceable, something that could drive other major players in the technology industry to follow the same path.

iFixit partners with the Redmond giant

On many occasions we have told you about iFixit. It is an American company that, in addition to gutting electronic devices such as smartphones and computers and providing a repairability score, sells spare parts and compiles free repair guides for a wide range of products.

Now Microsoft has partnered with her to improve repair options for some of your Surface devices. With this agreement, iFixit manufacture and distribute Redmond-designed repair tools.

Microsoft is committed to the right to repair: it is committed to facilitating the exchange of parts and access to them in its products

The first batch of repair resources will be dedicated to successfully working with the adhesive that supports the internal components of the Surface line, avoiding damage and achieving a precise repair “at the factory level”. Microsoft has committed to expand access to tools for more products in the next year.

In this first stage of the association, only the repair tools will be able to acquire the Microsoft Authorized Vendors, Business Customers, and Experience Centers. Members of Fixit Pro, a program specifically aimed at companies and educational institutions, will also have access. Those who are within the EU and meet the requirements will be able to register at this web page.

Surface 1

iFixit says in a Press release that “this is a big step and market test.” In this line they ensure that these same tools that today are available only to the professional community may be available to everyone “in the future”. The glimmer of hope on repairing our Surface devices at home with official tools is glaring in the distance, but it seems to be drawing closer.

Dell and a sustainably designed laptop

As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s not just about Microsoft. Dell also envisions a more environmentally friendly future for the PC. In this sense, the company has marked an interesting starting point for its future products with a laptop concept developed together with Intel that allows the components are immediately accessible, replaceable and reusable.

Dell Luna 2

The sustainable spirit of Concept Luna starts with a hydroelectrically processed aluminum chassis and stamping system that requires less energy. Inside, Dell has reduced the motherboard size by 75% and the number of parts by 20%. It has also relocated most of the internal components for better heat distribution, which impacts lower power consumption and the ability to use a smaller battery.

When it comes to repairing the equipment no need for different types of screwdrivers. The company has chosen to reduce the number of them to just four. You also don’t need to deal with the problems of adhesives holding certain components like the screen or keyboard. Almost everything can be disassembled with your hands, which reduces the average repair time to approximately 1.5 hours.

If you are wondering where to buy the Concept Luna, we must tell you that, as its name implies, it is a concept that has been created to test new design ideas and not to be sold. Yes, dell points out that if this concept were to become a reality, it would not only be easier to repair, but as a consequence of all its innovations it could reduce a 50% overall carbon footprint.

Framework, a model of inspiration

Now, the mention of the Concept Luna reminds us of the Laptop Framework. This laptop shares its spirit with that of Dell, that is, it stands out for its modular design, wide possibilities for updating it and repairability. In fact, To repair it, you only need a screwdriver that is included in the box. What’s more, The company has made it possible to make repair guides and videos available to all.

Framework Laptop 1

The good news is that it is not a concept, but a computer that has already begun to take its first steps in the market of United States and Canada. In Spain it is not available yet, but you can leave your mail to be notified when that happens. You can also see this article in which we explain in detail its surprising design, features and possibilities.

We must not forget that Apple has also done the same in favor of repairability. Those of Cupertino announced that sell original parts and spare parts to users so they can repair their devices at home. Although ‘Self Service Repair’ will initially be available in the United States for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, it is expected to also cover more devices in 2022 and expand to more countries.

Apple finally comes to reason with the right to repair: now it only remains for it and others to make their products more repairable

This type of initiative, added to regulations such as the “right to repair” of the European Union, mark a promising future for device repairability. There is no doubt that these are the first steps and there is still a lot to do if we really want to see a change in the industry that is driven by several manufacturers.

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