Tuesday, August 16

T-Systems locates in Barcelona its center of international excellence

  • The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will take the projects that work with Amazon technology from the Catalan capital

  • This telecommunications company has already worked on a project of this style with the SOC

Barcelona is on a roll. T-Systems, the technological subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, will manage from the Catalan capital the technical projects that are built on Amazon technology for clients around the world. Thus, the city gains another international center of excellence, in addition to the one that firms such as Microsoft or PepsiCpo have announced in recent months.

Although the importance of these last two operations lay more in the investment and the hiring they entailed, the movement of T-Systems essentially implies giving more weight to its Spanish subsidiary. The company has chosen to form part of the workers at its headquarters in the country – located in the technological district of Barcelona, ​​22 @ – so that they can carry out their new role as specialists in the technology of Amazon.

The decision has become official after the e-commerce giant has certified this company as a suitable partner to offer its technology, especially for cloud solutions. It is what is known as Amazon Connect Delivery Partner, a seal that only another company has in Spain and that validates that the company in question offers these services with guarantees and with qualified personnel.

Hence, the investment of T-Systems has been basically oriented towards “training and qualification of the professionals who will offer this service”, they explain from the Spanish subsidiary of the company. “The hiring is limited to the usual operations of the company, which continues to grow and develop its activity in Spain”, these same voices add.

‘Call centers’ digitales

Part of the experience that has accredited them as deserving of this seal is a project that they have carried out for the Generalitat de Catalunya: to set up, as a result of the pandemic, a virtual ‘call center’ system for the Catalan Employment Service (SOC) that they had to use 400 agents spread over more than 400 locations.

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In fact, as the firm explains in a statement, its basic proposal with this technology is to set up a customer service that is quick to install, that can be adapted to the growth of the company and that can have its agents working from any location. The technology also allows incorporating ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘machine learning’ functionalities, for example.

“This certification has been possible thanks to the combination of knowledge of AWS solutions [Amazon Web Services] by T-Systems Iberia and the more than 20 years of experience in Contact Center solutions by Deutsche Telekom Global Business Spain, the subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom specialized in the provision of communications services for companies “, the company concludes in a statement .


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