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The tornado that has swept through Kentucky killed seven children in a single street



Fourteen people died within a few blocks, and 11 people, including seven children, died in a single street in Bowling Green, Kentucky, when a tornado hit the town last Friday. Moss Creek was the avenue that was washed away by the fierce winds that destroyed the western part of the state.

Entire families died, and two of the deceased were babies. One of those affected was Melinda Allen-Ray, who took her grandchildren to the bathroom, hugging them while their house was torn apart by the storm. Then he heard the screams of his neighbors.

«I listened to them, it traumatized me. I think about it since then every night when I go to sleep, when I sleep, “he told
. I just think of all those babies.

Many in Bowling Green, hailing from countries like Bosnia, Myanmar and Nigeria, had fled the violence, creating a diverse community in western Kentucky.

«We come from the war, this reminds us of it. I go back to 22 years ago with this, ”explains Ganimete Ademi, 46, affected by the tornado and of Bosnian origins. The woman says that two Bosnian brothers living in adjoining houses in Bowling Green have lost much of their family to the tornado. Five people died from the two homes: a woman, two children and two babies.

Another family lost six people: three adults, a 16-year-old teenager, and two young children. A 77-year-old grandmother died not far away. Two other people from the neighborhood succumbed to their injuries at the hospital.

It’s hard to imagine: you go to bed and your whole family is gone the next day“Said Bowling Green Police Officer Ronnie Ward.

Authorities asked neighbors to seek shelter in a bathtub and cover themselves with a mattress, but the force of these tornadoes made this not enough. The houses were completely destroyed, and some were even torn from the ground, leaving a patch of earth.

That happened at the home of nine-year-old Annistyn Rackley in Caruthersville, Missouri, another of the affected states. Despite the girl taking refuge with her sisters and parents in the bathtub, the tornado managed to drag them several tens of meters into a field. There rescuers found Annistyn dead in the mud. The other members of the family were injured, but survived.

Before the tragedy, Annistyn’s parents Trey and Meghan Rackley took a photo of the girls in the bathtub and sent it to the girls’ aunt to show her that they were in their “safe space.” In the picture Annistyn is seen with her favorite doll.

The heartbreaking photo of Annistyn moments before she died has been published by the minor’s parents to remember their “special angel.”

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