Tuesday, August 16

The words of Sarah Ferguson that the British crown will not like anything



There is nothing that each and every member of the British Royal House does or says that does not generate public interest. Now it is Sarah Ferguson’s turn who, despite being divorced from Prince Andrew for 25 yearsThey continue to live together with all that this entails.

The former Duchess of York went on Tuesday to the Italian talk show, ‘Porta a Porta’, where she was asked about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who moved to California last year after their retirement as members of the British royalty.

‘Fergie’, as she is popularly nicknamed, spoke about the ‘happiness’ of the Dukes of Sussex, noting:’ The most important thing, and I know that Diana of Wales, if she were here, would say the same thing, is that they are happy.

And she makes him happy. And I love to see that boy, who cried at his mother’s funeral, finally be happy, ”referring to the sad moment when Harry walked behind his mother’s coffin during her funeral procession in 1997.

Diana and Sarah met when they were teenagers, and it was Diana who introduced her friend Sarah to her now ex-husband, Prince Andrew, the younger brother of Diana’s husband, Prince Charles.

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