Sunday, August 14

Why is Solaria shot on the Ibex 35 today? Approaching key levels

Solaria lives a day on the rise this Thursday and is placed at the head of the most bullish values ​​of the IBEX 35. Specifically, the renewable energy company rebounded by 8.4% and has reached 17.14 euros intraday, approaching key levels at the top of its price: its medium-term resistance at 17.62 euros and its long-term resistance at 17.99.

Solaria’s rises in the Ibex 35 come hand in hand with new fundamental analyzes in its favor. Specifically, by RBC y Credit Suisse.

In the case of RBC analysts, today they improve their recommendation from ‘underweight’ to ‘neutral’. Furthermore, RBC increases the target price of Solaria shares to 18 euros from the 17 that it previously gave. If we take into account the 17 euros at which it is currently trading, the potential is 5.8%.

As for Credit Suisse, the analysis house Solaria begins hedging with an ‘overweight’ recommendation and a target price of 21 euros, thus giving it a bullish run for the next twelve months of 23%.

Today’s advances serve to cut part of Solaria’s negative accumulated in 2021, in which it loses more than 28% and continues with the third red lantern of the selective in this year.

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