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Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K: Xiaomi’s new dongle makes a good leap in power and resolution without forgetting Dolby Vision

One of the great handicaps that the current Xiaomi Mi TV Stick has is that its output resolution is limited to FullHD. That, in the middle of the 4K era and the first steps of 8K, may seem like a low resolution, but Xiaomi has remedied it. How? With the launch of Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K, a new model that, as its name suggests, is supports 4K resolution.

The device has already appeared on the company’s global website and, for now, its price and availability are unknown. However, and seeing that the previous model arrived at our borders, it is to be expected that the Mi TV Stick 4K will also do so. Matter of time. That said, let’s get to know him better.

Data sheet of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K

xiaomi mi tv stick 4k

dimensions and weight

106,8 x 29,4 x 15,4 mm

42.8 grams

output resolution

4K (UHD)


Quad-Core Cortex-A35

GPU Mali-G31 MP2

memoria ram

2 GB

internal storage

8 GB

operating system

Android TV 11

wireless connectivity

WiFi 2,4/5 GHz

Bluetooth 5.0



1x microUSB


Dolby Vison









Dolby Atmos


Bluetooth remote control


Voice control

Google Assistant

Chromecast integrado



Now in 4K

As far as the design itself is concerned, there are not too many new features with respect to the FullHD model that we have right now. It is somewhat larger, but otherwise the finish is the same. The device still has a Bluetooth remote control with integrated voice control and that, thanks to its connectivity, allows the TV to be controlled from any location.

The stick snaps into the television by means of a puerto HDMI and is powered through a microUSB port. Curious, of course, that the Chinese firm has not opted for USB type C. The box includes the stick, the remote control, a power adapter and an HDMI extender.


What is interesting, therefore, is on the inside. The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K has been updated with a more powerful processor, more capable GPU, double the RAM and the same internal storage capacity, eight gigas. We will use this storage to install applications, although it is true that Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube are pre-installed.

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This extra dose of power is enhanced with the AV1 codec and support for Dolby Vision, DTS-HD and Dolby Atmos, some small but interesting improvements over the previous generation. Being Android TV, the device can access the entire ecosystem of apps available on Google Play, so by content it will not be, of course.

Versions and price of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K It has been presented on the global Xiaomi website, but for now there is no official price or availability. However, we know that the original Xiaomi Mi TV Stick arrived in Spain, so it is to be expected that this model will also do so.


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