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Jaume Giró: “I will not go to formal acts with the king for his role 1-0”

The ‘minister’ of Economy and Hisenda, Jaume Giró, affirms that Catalan parents, also independentists, want their children to speak Spanish perfectly. He doubts that the headquarters of La Caixa and Sabadell will return to Catalonia and maintains that he will never go to a formal ceremony with the king.

Is it good for the Government and for Catalonia that there are budgets in the State, after the pact with ERC in Madrid?

I would have liked there to be, but negotiating other things, such as covid funds. But I don’t mind, ERC has done it. Junts in a temporary way has not been able to negotiate them.

Would you have voted against it?

I don’t know them enough to say it.

Answer by the tangent …

I was negotiating in Madrid with Míriam Nogueras and we asked for two things: covid funds, between 1,500 and 1,800 million euros; and manage strategic projects of European funds for companies in Catalonia. In both cases they told me that at the moment, no.

“I would have liked the Spanish budgets to include covid funds”

Are you willing to run for ‘president’ for the Junts?

My party has not raised anything to me and neither have I. What I want is that we can exhaust the legislature, because just as I have many things on my mind, so do the ‘councilors’. My illusion is to serve the country from the ‘conselleria’, which is enormous.

Would you like the headquarters of entities such as La Caixa or Banco Sabadell to return to Catalonia? Do you see it feasible?

Would be pleased. It was a decision of the board of directors of each company, free, and there were no real reasons for it. But I think it will be difficult for them to come back. What a coincidence that the vast majority of multinational headquarters did not leave. Multinationals not subject to pressure from two instances, the Government and the monarchy.

“I am not considering being a candidate for ‘president’ by Junts and I want to exhaust the legislature”

Why don’t you go to events with the King?

I will never go to any act with the current King if it is purely formal, because I know more than most people about him and his role in the events of October 2017. I can not say anything else, we will explain it some day. If it is to negotiate something in favor of Catalonia, I will go, if it is formal, I will allow myself not to go.

What do you know that we don’t know about the King?

I can’t say anything else, we’ll explain it one day.

“What a coincidence that the vast majority of multinational headquarters did not leave Catalonia”

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What do you think of the conflict over language immersion?

The last sentence on Catalan is a political sentence, because if the judge were concerned about the Catalan educational model or the level of Spanish spoken by children at school, he would have to congratulate us. All Catalan parents, even those of us who are independentists, want our children to write and speak Spanish perfectly. And the Generalitat has never told the school what to do. Each teacher adapts to the situation within the spirit of the law and fees are not understood. In Madrid they build a story that we persecute Castilian, but it is not like that.

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