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Juanita Banana, the makers of the famous Christmas trees



Magali of Pedraza Y Toya Hernando They were friends from school. The first is a successful decorator and the other a renowned freelance graphic designer. They do not lack a taste, that is why just a year ago they decided to unite their talent without abandoning their other jobs and create Juanita Banana Store, an online company that has become the sensation of Christmas thanks to its decorated trees that all famous people claim. and that appear on television sets such as ‘Ya es mediodia’ by Sonsóles Onega or ‘AR’ on Telecinco. «They are artificial trees to which we place natural oak, eucalyptus, magnolia, hazelnut branches … and Christmas details. Many of us work with preserved flowers.

It is adapting nature to the home “, explains Magali in conversation with ABC.

Each design is unique, they analyze the space where it will be located and create a sketch in pdf, which they send to the customer. From 600 euros you can have a tree where you can immortalize all the Christmas photographs, in the purest influencer style, as is the case with Amelia Bono, who a few days ago boasted of the Juanita Banana Store tree on her social networks. A peculiar name that of the company that emerged one day of drinks in the bar that they usually frequent where the waiter who usually serves them is called Juan.

And although they succeed with Christmas trees, they also do so strongly in the field of floral decoration of the restaurants. And it is that the locals invest more and more in arrangements to give a touch of distinction to their tables. His latest creations can be seen in the Pristino restaurant, one of the most fashionable places in the capital.

Juanita Banana Store is a dream that is taking shape and whose purpose is to grow especially this next year. Endeavor and desire are put by its partners Magali and Toya, whose creations or orders can be made and enjoyed through their Instagram account @ and their website. They have a unique style that sets them apart. There are already many who recognize their trees just by looking at them and what happens is that later you do not like any other.

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