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Julissa Reynoso, confirmed as the new US ambassador to Spain




Julissa Reynoso has officially become the new US ambassador to Spain, after months of delay due to the opposition from several Republican senators upon his appointment.

Reynoso, born in the Dominican Republic 46 years ago, immigrated to the United States at the age of seven and
will be the first woman to lead the diplomatic representation
of the first world power in our country.

She has experience as a diplomat after having been an ambassador to Uruguay between 2012 and 2014, a position for which she was proposed by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He became, at 37, in the youngest ambassador in US history

Also during the Obama Administration, she served as Undersecretary of Deputy State for Ibero-America, with special dedication to security policies for Central America and the Caribbean.

The positions that she has maintained on the matter of some governments in the region have been the main obstacle to her confirmation as ambassador to Spain. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, of Cuban origin, blocked the advance of her confirmation, considering her a “Castro sympathizer,” who had “Direct participation in assisting the exchange of imprisoned members of the regime’s intelligence service”He said about one of the measures taken by the Obama Administration during the period of normalization of relations with Cuba.

Five months to complete the appointment

“Reynoso will not encourage Spain to increase pressure against the authoritarian regimes of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela,” said Rubio at a time when the foreign policy of the Pedro Sánchez government in the region has drawn strong criticism in the United States. UU., Also of Democratic leaders. “In fact, it will allow Spain to look the other way.”

Reynoso speaks Spanish, both from his birth in the Dominican Republic and from his childhood and youth in the Bronx of New York, with a large Hispanic community. Later he supported himself with scholarships to study at some of the best universities in the world – Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia-, where he studied philosophy and law. He combined the legal profession with social and educational causes until his final landing in politics in the 2008 presidential elections, where he worked for both Clinton and Barack Obama.

After Biden’s electoral victory a year ago, she was appointed chief of staff to the then-future first lady, Jill Biden. The nomination to represent the US in Spain came at the end of July and has taken almost five months to materialize.

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