Saturday, June 25

Ortega Cano’s strange reaction to Rocío Jurado’s forbidden manuscript




He was the only one left to speak. After the broadcast of ‘The last journey of Rocío Jurado’, the teacher Jose Ortega Cano He intervened live in the program ‘Viva la vida’ to offer his vision of the tribute that Telecinco programmed last Tuesday. In conversation with Emma garcia, Ortega Cano He acknowledged that “I was not invited but I would not have gone either” and that he was moved when he heard his wife speak of him: “It is time for me to be respected.”

Asked about a possible rapprochement between Gloria Camila Y Rocio Carrasco, the bullfighter confirmed that he hopes that at some point he can exist but “what cannot be forced is to do anything against his will.

I think that maybe there will be a time when one or the other does it, but they cannot be forced. ”

Despite the interest there was in listening to the bullfighter talk about the famous documents that Rocio Carrasco found in the bureau of the conjugal room, the bullfighter refused to comment. It was the journalist Pilar Vidal, head of this section of ABC, who wanted to know if she had been able to read the document that was presented in court and in which the woman from Chipione exposed the true essence of her marital relationship: «I cannot say anything, we have come this far because I can’t say, we have to wait ».

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