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PowerPoint Nights: the latest in parties and TikTok comes from the old Office slideshow tool

Old rockers never die. The Microsoft Office classics, either. If a week ago we told you how Excel is hitting hard in the field of eSports, starring in online championships with players from all over the world and prizes of several thousand euros, now it’s time to talk about Power Point and its new success on TikTok: “Power Point Night” and “Power Point Parties”. As it sounds: the presentation tool developed in the 80s by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin, the same one that we resorted to in school when it was time to present a work in public, is experiencing a second youth as a social success story.

From school work to parties with friends

How? The mechanics is not very different from the one we followed to present a topic of Knowledge of the Environment in ESO, for example. Yes it is, of course, the content, context and especially the audience to which the presentations are directed. Participants choose a topic – the range of options is limited only by the imagination of each participant – and prepare a series of slides to show in front of the rest of the guests to the party.

The slides can be about movies, songs, video games, books, foods, historical events, or famous people. Whoever is in charge of the presentation must explain why your choice is the best of all. If the group has chosen conspiracy theories, the grace would be to convince why they can be real. In any case, and as a good game to have a fun time with friends that it is, there are no rigid rules; only suggestions.


Can’t go wrong with a PowerPoint night ##powerpoint ##powerpointnight ##friends

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As in any party worth its salt, the recipe is combined with food, drink and music. On websites like Real Simple They provide ideas and – something especially useful in times of pandemic and in the midst of a spike in infections – they highlight the advantages of the format for virtual hangouts, by Zoom or Teams. Presentation topics can also be more personal. Examples? In InStyle they point out some the kind that are already being used for PowerPoint Nights, like “Why does my boyfriend love me more than I love him?” or “Why isn’t everyone in this room straight?”


powerpoint night #iCarlyAffirmation #PrimeDayShowPJParty #powerpointnight #powerpointnightideas

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Proof that the challenge engages is that is going strong on TikTok. With the tag #PowerPointnight, #PowerPointparty or #PowerPointnightideas there are videos with the experiences of other users with topics such as “What kind of food would we be?”, “Why do I have friends?”, “How would each of my friends act on me? burial ”or“ We as Winx characters ”. They can also be found on Instagram Reels. What has been said: the limits are set by the imagination of each one and, above all, the desire to have a laugh.

Although PowerPoint has been the rage, the game, of course, is also available to users of other presentation tools, such as Goole Slides o Keynote.

Cover image | Vladimir Pustovit (Flickr)

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