Sunday, July 3

PSOE voters distance themselves from key policies of the Sánchez Government




The fall of the PSOE in the polls that has been observed since the beginning of the year is accompanied by a progressive distrust on the part of the socialist electorate towards key policies of the Government of Pedro Sanchez. This is reflected in the latest GAD3 barometer, the first part of which will be published tomorrow, Sunday, by ABC.

In this barometer, carried out between December 13 and 16 with 1,003 interviews, respondents are asked about issues such as the new labour reform, the discrimination of Castilian in Catalonia, Sánchez’s commitment to the price of electricity, the situation of Spain on the international scene and the pardon of Juana Rivas.

In all the questions it is verified how a significant part of the PSOE voters, in some cases in a majority way, shows their rejection or skepticism of the policies that the Executive has been promoting in recent months.

In a relevant way, the vast majority of citizens who voted for the PSOE in the last elections believe that Sánchez’s promise about him will not be fulfilled. electric bill. The Prime Minister promised in September, in the midst of an increase in the electricity tariff, that at the end of the year he would have paid the same as in 2018, when he arrived in La Moncloa. Just this week the record for electricity rates in Spain was broken again.

In the evaluation of the national leaders, the good reception that has Yolanda Diaz among socialist voters, as well as the backlash suffered Pablo Casado in the qualification of the voters, compared to last May, something that can be attributed to wear and tear due to the internal war of the PP in Madrid.

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