Friday, July 1

PSOE voters value Pedro Sánchez equal to Yolanda Díaz as leaders

In the heat of self-promotion race to stand as a candidate for the Presidency of the Government and compete with Pedro Sanchez for the hegemony of the left, Yolanda Diaz is getting an input good valuation of socialist voters. In fact, the voters of the PSOE score the same for the second vice president and militant of the Communist Party as for the president of the Government and secretary general of the PSOE. Both get a 6.1 from the socialist electorate.

After the departure of Pablo Iglesias of the Government, his failure in the Madrid elections and his subsequent abandonment of active politics, Yolanda Díaz took over to try to configure a ‘transversal’ platform that revitalizes United We Can, in persistent decline, and attract

to voters from the entire left, and not just from the ‘corner’ left by the PSOE. In that eagerness, Díaz is currently the highest rated national leader, with 4.1 points, one tenth more than Pedro Sánchez, with whom he competes openly and who has been winning internal battles.

Yolanda Díaz gets the best assessment of a national leader among her own electorate, along with Santiago Abascal. Both register 7.7 of the voters of United We Can and Vox, respectively. For what these types of evaluations tend to be, Díaz also achieves a high grade among socialist voters (6.1), and almost achieved approval among nationalists: 4.7. The voters of ERC, Junts, PNV, Bildu, CUP, BNG and the Canary Coalition reward Sánchez above all. For the nationalists and independentistas, the current president of the Government is the best national leader at the moment, with a 5.2.

Sánchez achieves a 4 as the average grade of all those interviewed. In addition to the socialist voters (6.1) and the nationalists (5.2), it is approved by the voters of United We Can, with a 5.9. The center-right suspends him, with grades ranging from 1.4 given by Vox voters to 2.6 given by Citizens.

The war of the PP

The third highest rated national leader is Pablo Casado, only with a 3.4. But what is striking in this case is the drop that has been recorded since May, when it obtained an average rating of 4.1 and was the best scored along with Díaz. The decline of seven tenths in these seven months can be attributed to the internal war of the PP in Madrid, in which the party’s national leadership has clashed with Isabel Diaz Ayuso before the regional congress of the popular in the Madrid Community.

The internal fight has not gone free for Casado as a political leader. In fact, popular voters rate it a 5.7, a low grade when it comes to the voters themselves, and which is far, for example, from the 7.7 that Vox voters grant Santiago Abascal.

On the right, the Vox leader achieves the approval of the PP voters: a 5. The average grade of the Vox president among all those surveyed remains at 2.8, the lowest of all the leaders. The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, achieves only a 3.1 average grade, and does not achieve the approval of her own voters: a 4.4.

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