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They denounce a sexual attack by an inmate on an official in the Valdemoro prison




The Professional Association of Prison Officials (APFP) has denounced that a prison official of the Valdemoro prison suffered on Thursday a sexual assault by an inmate.

It is a case of touching a worker, so all the information was sent to the Night Court, as confirmed by prison sources. For its part, the prison sent the inmate to isolation, then he returned to first grade and was transferred to another jail.

“APFP wants to show all its support to the comrade and a speedy recovery,” he said, while they have stated that they are aware “of the hostile and violent in which prison professionals carry out and carry out their functions, which requires at the same time to be able to face and position themselves decisively, firmly and decisively in situations of lack of respect, threats and aggression


If in this case of the Valdemoro prison, a proposal has been made for a regression and urgent transfer of the inmate to another center, indicates the union, in the vast majority of cases the measures adopted “are conspicuous by their absence, having to return to see and treat who the day before or the same day has called you a whore, a cocksucker, a bastard or has threatened with death».

On the other hand, the Professional Association complains that the interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has described the inmates as the “weak” of the system, “so they are normalizing aggressions and offenses that affect the physical integrity and morality of prison officials and to whom it is an obligation to stop them by those who exercise authority ”.

“Sowing lax and decriminalized responses will lead to lack of protection, mistrust and insecurity for the prison professionals who keep this institution standing and we leave our skin every day with ridiculous material and personal means, such as assigning service to an official or two with approximately 100 inmates», Complains the APFP.

Thus, they emphasize in the statement that it is the prison professionals who represent the Administration and the State and “those who should be protected and protected in their work with forceful and categorical measures, such as being named agents of authority ”. “That they make it clear that threats or attacks on those of us who serve the general interests are not tolerated, and these behaviors should be elevated to judicial authoritiesNot that now they are in an administrative offense with a sanction that consists of a deprivation of hours of exit to the patio “, they add.

The association has also denounced that prison officials “work without adequate means to dangerousness, with circulars and instructions that criminalize them, without continuous and constant training, with a severe understaffing, without the salary equalization with the comrades in Catalonia and with the policy of goodness that prevails in the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions and the Ministry of the Interior, minimizing the consequences of aggressive acts and bad behavior by inmates ”.

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