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Why is Podemos attacking the Congress of Peru?



A small scandal surrounding a visit to the Congress of Deputies of Spain by the president of the Peruvian Congress, María del Carmen Alva, has highlighted the complicity of Podemos with the project of expansion of 21st century socialism in Peru and its form of operating using disinformation and political intimidation.

The president of the Foreign Commission of the Peruvian Congress, Ernesto Bustamante, has expressed his “energetic protest at the mistreatment conferred on the person of the president of the Congress of the Republic of Peru by the deputy Antón Gómez Reino …” who also, After the meeting, he defamed Alva on social networks and before the left-wing media in Peru, until

win headlines accusing the president of Congress of “Denigrating Peru in Spain” and a motion of no confidence that did not prosper but received the tactical support of the “moderate” Peruvian left, allied to Podemos (Together for Peru).

According to witnesses, the only thing Congresswoman Alva did is relate some of the events that have been happening in Peru. He did not delve into details, such as the government’s links with narco-terrorism, the omnipresence of Evo Morales (declared persona non grata by Congress) promoting the cultivation of the coca leaf, and the idea of ​​a multi-national Quechua and Aymara nation. Nor did he denounce the corruption scandals that have affected the ruling party – the leader Valdimir Cerrón is one step away from jail and his financial operators fugitives from Justice in Bolivia – and President Castillo himself, who was about to be vacated when he visits Madrid. Alva did not mention the presence of a Cuban intelligence agent as ambassador (‘Gallo’ Zamora), or the interference of the president and his secretary in promotions in the Armed Forces, violating institutional regulations. Nor that a system of political commissars under the title of ‘integrity officers’ has been established within it, destroying the hierarchical institutionality of the Armed Forces. The Cuban manual, already applied in Venezuela, to the letter.

The failed move of Podemos, duly backed by the official Peruvian press, pointed in a clear direction: to discredit the Congress of the Republic, which is the only state power that can stop the advance of communism in Peru. What other explanation could such a political operation have if President Alva had demonstrated before, during and after her visit against the vacancy promoted by the right-wing parties? Why defame her?

The objective of the Sao Paulo Forum is for Peru to become the new Venezuela. The well-paid consultancies for the Churches and the Monedero would then flow as in the past. For this they must close Congress. This is the explanation for Gómez Reino’s bizarre attack on Alva.


Daniel Córdova is an economist

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