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Farewell to a colossus in the air: Airbus has delivered the last A380

Goodbye to the super jumbo. The latest Airbus A380 has been delivered to Emirates. After 14 years, the French company’s production lines stop manufacturing the world’s largest aircraft and with this they mark the end of an important era in commercial aviation.

The Dubai-based airline received its 123rd A380 with call sign A6-EVS in Hamburg on Thursday, December 16. Its about superjumbo number 251 manufactured by Airbus since the beginning of its production in the early 2000s.

In today’s world there is no place for the A380

The Airbus A380 was born as a response to congested airports. The company dreamed of connecting various destinations around the world with more than 500 passengers aboard its flagship aircraft. And, at the time, Emirates was the first to share that vision and place a significant number of orders.

The airline presented its first Airbus A380 at the Dubai Airshow in 2005. It was a unit packed with luxuries and could carry up to 615 passengers thanks to the fact that it had only two classes. Companies such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas and British Airways were also interested in the model and were soon on the podium of the world’s largest carriers.

But the world changed, and with it transportation. Huge double-decker airliners like the Airbus A380 or Boeing 747 began to lose appeal in favor of smaller, modern and less polluting models. Given the drop in demand, the European firm announced in 2019 that it would stop manufacturing its flagship aircraft.

“As a result of this decision [la de Emirates de reducir pedidos] We do not have a sufficient base to sustain production, beyond our offerings to other airlines in recent years. That causes us to stop production and delivery of the A380 model in 2021, “said then the president of the company Tom Enders.

Airbus A380

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic only aggravated the situation for the superjumbos. Airlines such as Lufthansa and AirFrance were forced to reduce their fleet amid the health crisis and the first to stay on the ground were the Airbus A380.

The dreaded hour for lovers of this aircraft who, like indicates the company, since it entered service in 2007 has made more than 800,000 flights with more than 300 million passengers has started. The Boeing 777-300 and Airbus A350-900 and A330-900, among others, have become airline favorites.

Airbus A380

But the legacy of the A380 will live on in many respects. Despite its commercial failure, part of its innovations will be inherited by the next generations of aircraft of the European company, although we will hardly see in the short term a new colossus conquering the skies and landing at some airport in the world.

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