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The other businesses of the footballers



That football is a business is nothing new and whoever says that it is not, is lying. The clubs are authentic companies in which, as in any other, what matters most is generating money and footballers are the most important assets. Soccer moves billions of euros around the world every year, but not all the protagonists are satisfied with their salary. The large amounts of money that elite footballers receive have to be in motion to generate more profits and some of them have been able to use their resources very well to further increase their fortunes. So today we bring here a compilation of 5 players who have diversified their money in other businesses.

Leo messi

The number one on the list could not be other than number one on the grass, although beyond the field of play he is not the one that has ridden it the best. Messi, like most of his millionaire colleagues, has invested big money in real estate. You have a company that manages offices and parking spaces, and in his native Rosario he has built a residential complex with seven neighborhoods, a beach, a golf course and a sports area. Also, he is the owner of some restaurant in the same town and in Barcelona.

Leo Messi at PSG – Lagencia-Crush

Cristiano Ronaldo

On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo not only wants to leave a legacy within football, but also outside, he adds another business, in this case a chain of gyms in his native Portugal. The footballer announced through his social networks that he opened a chain of gyms in his country with the name of ‘CR7 Fitness by Crunch‘and invited his followers to train like him, that his 36 years old, he has an impeccable physique and it is reflected in his performance on the court.

But this is just one of the many businesses in which CR7 has invested, and we must remember that it is also involved in hotel business, inaugurated the first in the same Gran Vía called ‘Pestana CR7’, or we can also talk about your successful clothing and accessories brand called ‘CR7‘. And these are just a few of his businesses, and it is that the Portuguese is one of the most enterprising footballers of the moment.

Sergio Ramos

Let’s talk about Sergio Ramos, who surprised everyone after announcing that will open a gym in Madrid, which will be launched on January 18, 2022. For this, it has joined the German chain RSG Group, owners of the McFit gyms. East gym will be found at the Moncloa metro station, specifically, in the number 89 of Calle Princesa. There we can find a gym type boutique, with about ten different types of workouts. It is said that the price of the monthly subscription will be around 100 euros.

But this is only his most recent business, the ex-madrilista also invested in real estate, horses and art. And not to mention what it charges for image rights, it generated 4.5 million euros thanks to his documentary series on the Amazon Prime platform.

Andres Iniesta

And how could it be otherwise, we also bring this curious list to Andres Iniesta. The Albacete is internationally known for his game on the grass and increasingly for his wine. The Bodegas Iniesta are the main business of the Fuentealbilla footballer, so much so that he has come to emigrate to Japan to make himself known and open the markets for his wine. The hero of the 2010 World Cup He also has a company dedicated to the real estate sector and manages a rural house near his wineries.

Gerard Piqué

We close the list with one of the most famous Spanish footballers, Gerard Piqué, who has shown a nose for business, as he has shown with the Davis Cup and more recently with his e-Sports team, Koi, which he owns next to the considered best streamer of the world, Ibai Llanos.

Gerard Piqué
Gerard Piqué – Lagencia-Crush

Now, the FC Barcelona center-back has wanted to expand horizons with his company, Kosmos, creating a new business with La Liga and Javier Tebas with which they intend to offer an immersive gastronomic and leisure experience, and for that reason they have moved to the theme park PortAventura World, in Tarragona.The investment exceeds 100 million euros and it promises to be the first soccer-themed restaurant.

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