Sunday, July 3

The PP would add an absolute majority with Vox against a retreating left




The center right takes advantage of the left and the independentistas and would add a comfortable majority in the Congress of Deputies, if the general elections were held now. That is the main conclusion of the GAD3 barometer, which ABC will publish tomorrow, Monday.

According to the data from this barometer, which was carried out between December 13 and 16, with a total of 1,003 interviews, the Popular Party It would continue to be the leading political force, with substantial growth compared to the 2019 general elections, although there has been a slowdown in recent months, amidst the internal storm.

The PSOE suffers a setback and would not have room for maneuver to seek allies and continue in the Government. His coalition ally, United We Can, also falls, despite the persistent self-promotion campaign being carried out by Vice President Yolanda Díaz to head an electoral candidacy on the left.

The third national party, Vox, is reinforced with respect to the general elections of 2019 and would be in a position of strength to negotiate with the PP before a hypothetical investiture of Casado and subsequent formation of the Government.

CitizensMeanwhile, it maintains its decline, but manages to have a minimal representation in the Congress of Deputies.

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