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The residents of Vidreres (Gerona) endorse maintaining the correbous in a popular consultation




The residents of Vidreres (Gerona) will continue to enjoy the correbous during their local festival. The municipality, governed by Junts per Catalunya (JpC), has decided to maintain these bullfighting festivities after the popular consultation held this Saturday ended with 901 votes in favor and 772 against. In addition, there were 9 blank ballots and 3 void.

The consultation, which was initially scheduled for March 2020 and which the Covid pandemic postponed until this weekend, did not have a large participation, since only 1,685 of the 6,893 people voted over 16 years old and registered in the municipality who were called to the polls, that is, 24.14% of the total.

The consistory had promised to execute the result, whatever the participation figure or the difference in votes between the two options.

«The day was important and decisive. A local festival has been put on the table, but one that generated certain doubts to a part of the population. The query had the objective of listening to the will of the people and doing their will«, Said Mayor Jordi Camps at the end of the consultation. He himself made it clear that the city council has been in »permanent contact« both with the Vidreres environmental and animal defense association and with the association that organizes the correbous.

Accident in 2019

The celebration of the consultation was rushed after in the 2019 celebrations a bull jumped a fence and escaped and injured 17 people, one of them critical and the other serious. That was the last celebration, given that the difficult situation due to Covid canceled the 2020 and 2021 parties.

The municipality is the only one of the demarcation of Gerona that has this type of bullfighting festivities, which in Catalonia have much more tradition in the areas of Terres de l’Ebre. The history of this correbou began 35 years ago and then in the province there were still others, in Olot, Torroella de Montgrí or Roses, which are no longer celebrated.

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