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2022, a key year to consolidate a fair economic and social reactivation

Hope in the face of consolidate a just economic and social recovery In 2022, after the Covid-19 pandemic, it continues to permeate society and the Spanish economy. Faced with the omens that Spain is in crisis, the main indicators, such as employment or tax collection, allow us to be optimistic about the recovery of our country.

For the Government of Spain, the priority at this time is to consolidate this recovery. For this we have uExpansive Budgets for 2022 and that they will give stability to this Legislature. They are ambitious accounts that will allow generate trust and security for companies, in addition to laying the foundations for a transformation and modernization of our production model.

And as I was saying, there are data that point to this optimism. In November, employment reached the highest level of affiliation in the history of Spain: 19,771,613 people in seasonally adjusted terms. Today almost 300,000 more people work than there were before the pandemic. The other relevant data is lto tax collection, which is also at all-time highs. So far this year –data from January to October– tax collection has grown by 16.3% compared to the equivalent period of 2020. It is an increase that cannot be explained because taxes have risen –on the contrary, some, such as the of electricity, in these months it has dropped. It has to do with recovery.

The recognitions also come from the European institutions, which value very positively theThe projects and actions that we are undertaking with European funds. A few days ago we knew that Spain will be the first country to receive the first 10,000 million euros of these funds for meeting the milestones required for this. And now we are celebrating that the European Commission has authorized the 3,000 million euros that will allow to launch the PERTE of the electric and connected vehicle, a revolution for the automotive sector that will allow Spain to become a leader in European sustainable mobility.

In other areas related to my portfolio, we see how tourism is recovering, with more arrivals of foreign tourists and with national tourism that filled up accommodations on the last Constitution bridge. And this is possible thanks to the success of the vaccination process. Spain has set an example of the ability to vaccinate better and more than anyone else in the European Union, without a doubt the best economic policy that we have been able to implement. Today we can move around and enjoy our leisure time more safely than our European neighbors, always maintaining the protection measures that are still in force.

We also see how Spanish exports have increased 22.1% until September and exceed the values ​​prior to the pandemic, which shows great dynamism in Spanish foreign trade.

In short, with the pandemic we have learned some lessons that we should not forget, such as thatPublic services are essential to overcome these moments of crisis, that we must bet on science, for an industrial sovereignty of basic products that during the pandemic were essential to save lives, but also for major transformation projects that make Spain a sustainable, digital country that is committed to social and territorial cohesion.

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I am not forgetting women, who have to continue to play an important role in everything that concerns Spanish society and the economy. Guarantee effective equality between women and men It is an unavoidable objective in a modern Spain of the 21st century, both for social justice and for economic interest.

We have suffered a lot, we have worked to alleviate this collective suffering and now we are beginning to see the results. The time has come to consolidate a fair economic and social recovery and for this we need the unity of action of all agents – political, economic and social – because by working together we will go further.

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