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Barça members decide to sell the club



The president of Barcelona won his first title on Sunday, and the most important, and the one that will weigh the most in his second term. With the stupidity that characterizes him, especially when he votes, the Barça partner did not realize, when he massively validated the construction of the new Espai Barça in a referendum, that what he was in fact doing was selling the club to Goldman Sachs. If Joan Laporta and his board had a special interest in emphasizing that building the new stadium was a sovereign decision of the partners, and thus they called the consultation despite the fact that the assembly of delegates had already approved the project, it was precisely to be able to put them before the mirror when

debt is impossible to repay – in fact it has been for a long time, although it has not yet been ‘staged’ – and remind them that they chose their destiny.

With the at least 1,500 million that Barça is going to borrow from Goldman, plus the approximately 500 that it is negotiating with CVC to reinforce the team for next season, and for which someone – Goldman – will have to answer when Barça does not can return them, the club will owe 2,500 million euros to the Jewish investment bank (previously it already owed 500) of the 4,300 in which it is valued. In case there were any doubts about the siege of Goldman Sachs to Spanish football in general, and that it is specified in its interest in staying at Barcelona, ​​it is significant to know that it contributes 1,000 of the 1,900 million euros that support the agreement that Javier Tebas promotes with CVC . Everything is like a merry-go-round without too many alternatives. But even if only morally, Espai Barça is the great lunge for the famous ‘more than a club’, because this referendum has probably been the last thing that Barça members are going to vote on.

It is true that a new stadium is essential. It is also true that Joan Laporta inherited a club in an impossible financial situation and sportingly destroyed. But it is also true that there is an operation underway to sell the club, to finish leading the members to the bottom of the impasse in which they themselves entered by voting for Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu as presidents. And in this impasse they will have to decide, as owners who still belong to the entity, if they pay in spill what is owed or if they cede their property to the person who kindly lent them and now wants to collect. No need to wait for them to respond. A group of wealthy partners offered to finance part of the debt, but did so with such reluctance that the president did not even have to bother to hide that he had no interest in exploring such a possibility. As for the common and majority member, in addition to being unintelligent and poor, he is deeply petty and has never shown any generosity to the club he claims to love so much.

Once again it has become clear, in this case on a small scale and following a perfectly legal procedure, to what extent referendums pervert democracy and are tools used by those who want to impose their will through the blindness of the masses. There is no better alibi than a referendum for a tyrant. Joan Laporta is no tyrant, but while he was asking his partners to vote in favor of the new stadium, he was actually making them sign the act of relinquishing their property. The pirouette is, to say the least, remarkable.

Ferran Reverter, CEO of the club, has been working on different formulas for a long time, all inspired by the Bayern Munich model, owned by 75% of the partners and 25% by commercial brands and investors. Barça is too in debt to maintain this percentage, and Reverter works 60-40 to sweeten the entry medicine, making the members believe that they maintain control of the club, but knowing that not even in the long term, but sooner than Later, those who are going to continue paying will want – as it has to be, and it is everywhere – to control the decisions that are made with their money and to capitalize on the profits.

In this way, the full ownership of the partners will pass in a first phase to be divided and, in the second slice, reduced to mere symbolism. It is the best news for Barça that its fate is no longer in the hands of the few lights of its current owners. It’s a relief. But it is not a coincidence. There is a marked path, a clear path, and Jan is following each and every step. Neither rich partners nor poor partners have defended theirs with guts, so losing it is exactly what they deserve.

From here, Laporta will not take more than one or two years to raise the first dilemma: either we share the property, or we pay for the spill. Probably submit the decision to a referendum, as always when you want others to give you something without them knowing.

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