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Castilla y León will elect 81 attorneys after a campaign that will begin on January 27




With his signature in the decree of dissolution of the Cortes, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has started the countdown of a long and cumbersome administrative process that will culminate, in a first phase, on February 13 when the Castilians and Leonese elect 81 attorneys, the same figure as 30 months ago, in the May 2019 elections. The distribution of seats by constituencies will be 15 Valladolid representatives; 13, Leon; 11, Burgos; 10, Salamanca; 7, Avila, Palencia and Zamora; 6, Segovia and 5, Soria.

However, at the time of voting, you have to arrive with a series of well-completed ‘homework’. The first has to do with the Electoral Census Office, which on December 26, municipalities must expose the census for a period of eight days to detect possible irregularities and the official gazettes of the province, the number, the limits of the Electoral Sections, their premises and the Tables corresponding to each one of them.

Between January 14 and 18, the consistories must also draw the members who will make up the different polling stations.

For the parties, the administrative process begins a little later, on December 29, with the appointment of the general representative of each of the candidates. Even with undigested New Year’s Eve grapes, the different formations and groups of voters who intend to attend the appointment the different candidates must present to the Electoral Board, between January 4 and 9, which will be definitively proclaimed on January 16 and published in the Bocyl on the 17th.

The groups of voters who, as Soria Ya has already announced, want to participate in the elections must also provide the signatures of at least 1 percent of the electoral roll of the constituency for which they attend.

According to electoral regulations, the electoral campaign must begin at zero hours on January 27 and, during its course, at least two debates must be held between the candidates of PSOE, PP and Ciudadanos, that is, the formations that achieved their own parliamentary group in the last elections.

In the coming days, An order from the Ministry of Finance will also establish the conditions for financing the expenses incurred by the elections.. The amount has remained unchanged since the 2007 elections when it was decided to set it at 10,205.62 euros for each seat obtained; 0.40 euros for each vote and an aid of 0.19 for each voter for the sending of electoral propaganda to the parties that obtain parliamentary representation.

The entire process will be supervised by the Electoral Board of Castilla y León chaired by José Manuel Martínez Illade and with Alejandro Valentín Sastre, as vice president. The members correspond to Jesús Carlos Galán Parada, Luis Miguel Blanco Domínguez, Juan María Bilbao Ubillos, Luis Esteban Delgado del Rincón and Manuel Augusto Martín de la Vega. The secretary is Carlos Ortega Santiago, senior lawyer of the Cortes.

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