Sunday, July 3

First time in Chile



It is the first time of many things in Chile. The first time that a candidate who lost in the first round wins the ballot, the first time that there is a 35-year-old president-elect, the first time in a democracy that the communists will be in power and the first time that two former presidents, treated as guilty of all the ills of the country (which are not many), bow their heads and give their support to the politician who put them on the gallows. Ricardo Lagos Y Michelle bachelet will not be exempt from responsibility in the management of Gabriel Boric. The Socialists gave him the support he needed to get to La Moneda. They did it with enough time so that, that young man between Pablo Iglesias Y Pedro Sanchez, could seduce those voters who feared him for his extreme left positions.

The same ones that he qualified, reformed or rectified in this second round.

Lagos and Bachelet are not joined by love for Boric, but by fright Jose Antonio Kast. He did not achieve, with the speed he needed, the public push from Franco Parisi. When he did, it was too late. He did not know how to handle the times, that scythe in elections and in life. Nor to shed the shadow of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (the death of his widow was not very opportune) nor to keep quiet some of his charlatans who raised the sensitivity of the population. Kast, an Andean version of the Vox model, fell and did it with nobility. He hastened to congratulate his adversary and wish him luck (he will need it).

The incumbent president, Sebastian Piñera, maintained the traditional videoconference with the winner of the elections. The scene that repeats itself every four years is exemplary for the world. Broken the alternation of power between Bachelet and Piñera of the last 16 years, Boric listened to the suggestion of the one who will be his predecessor in power, to take a photo when he enters as president in La Moneda and another when he fulfills his mandate. This way you will be able to see, in your own face, how hard it is to preside over “that place we call Chile”, as the president-elect referred to his country, in that, his first speech after knowing that yes, he had won.

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