Monday, July 4

How much do the ‘councilors’ of the Generalitat de Catalunya charge?

The project of Budgets of the Generalitat approved last November includes, among other aspects, the salaries and remuneration of the ‘councilors’ of the Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as those of the ‘president’ himself Pere Aragonès, for the next exercise.

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In most cases the increase is the expected 2% for public employees, although in the case of the ‘consellers’ the rise is more modest.

Thus, for example, the salary increase for ‘counselors’ and ‘counselors’ it will barely reach 0.3%, up to 117,827.7 euros. The Secretary General of the Presidency, Núria Cuenca, will receive the same as in 2021, 117,452.94 euros, as well as similar high positions as Secretary of the Government, Director of the Legal Office, the Institut d’Estudis de l’Autogovern and Chairman of the Legal Advisory Committee.

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