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How much does a military man charge in Spain?

The Ministry of Defence is the department of the General Administration of the State to which corresponds the preparation, development and execution of the defense policy determined by the Government, obtaining and managing the human and material resources for this, as well as the performance of whatever tasks are necessary for the fulfillment of the missions assigned to the Armed forces.

The military are assigned to the different Corps in accordance with the tasks to be carried out: the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Common Corps. But their salaries vary according to rank and the scales to which they belong.


During the period of military in formation, when the status of soldier has not yet been acquired, aspiring military men receive 359,55 euros monthly. But in these figures, like the rest of police salaries –and the administration in general-, the complements of each rank must be added, including the specific ones, seniority or employment.

Depending on the range, it is included in different categories of officials with different salaries.

  • Officer A1: Army General (or admiral general or air general) lieutenant (or second lieutenant) with a monthly salary of 1,214.39 euros

  • Officer A2: Ensign (or frigate ensign) to sergeant, with a monthly salary of 1,050.06 euros.

  • C1 Officer: From Corporal Major to Soldier (or sailor), with a permanent service relationship, with 788.42 euros per month.

  • C2 Officer: Corporal First to Soldier (or sailor), with a temporary service relationship, with 656.18 euros per month.


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The complements are those that increase in consideration the salary of the military. Therefore, we find the following:

  • Employment supplement. Corresponds to the role performed within the Armed Forces. It can vary from 359 euros for a military training officer to 1,600 euros for a General.

  • Specific complement. It is divided into two parts: on the one hand, the general component that is perceived based on the job and, on the other, the one that pays special conditions such as the responsibility or danger of the professional activity.

  • Special Dedication Plugin: It will reward extraordinary activities such as, for example, special missions.

  • Other add-ons: Wardrobe assistance, residence allowance, family benefits or reward pensions are some of the benefits that are added to the base salary.

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