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Ignacio Rivera Quintana, new executive president of Hijos de Rivera

This past Thursday, December 16, at the headquarters of the Board of Directors of the Hijos de Rivera Corporation, Ignacio Rivera Quintana placeholder image has been named CEO from Estrella Galicia’s parent family beer group, among many other beverage brands.

Ignacio Rivera Quintana belongs to the fourth generation of the Rivera family, great-grandson of the founder of the beer company, of which he now assumes the responsibility of leading both the business and the government of the family group.

He joined the company in 1990 and assumed the Commercial-Marketing Directorate redesigning the strategy by opening up to foreign markets, achieving an unprecedented expansion.

As of 1999, already as Deputy General Director and Director of Hijos de Rivera, he continued with the expansion plans, designing and directing the launch of new brands and an ambitious diversification of products, which has shaped the identity that the company presents today and has boosted its successful business model.

In 2012 he assumed the position of CEO of Hijos de Rivera and in recent years he has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, until his current appointment as CEO. Ignacio Rivera’s management has stood out for its firm commitment to digitization, internationalization and differentiation, as well as its commitment to generating a positive impact on society. All of this has made him one of the most valued and reputable business leaders in our country.

In the words of the outgoing president, Santiago Ojea Rivera:

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“This new appointment as CEO is key and necessary to consolidate our great business project and reinforce leadership that require all the challenges we face, both in the necessary adaptation to the new global socioeconomic paradigm, and in the ambitious and stimulating plans for growth and expansion that it will have to lead in the coming years.

A new stage opens before us, with great projects and opportunities in a larger, more complex and constantly changing world. It is our turn to adapt again and, for this, we have a new organizational and governance, family and business structure, which will allow us to achieve the stimulating strategic objectives that are proposed for the coming years. Ignacio has the full confidence and support of both our Board of Directors and our board of partners “

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