Saturday, June 25

Jupiter AM prepares for a possible takeover bid

To our knowledge, Jupiter has hired a consulting firm to prepare a possible takeover bid. Apparently no corporate operation is on the radar, however, being one of the few independent investment boutiques it makes it an “attractive target” for potential bidders.

That is why the Jupiter Board approved the hiring of Robey Warshaw as an advisor, and also appointed former Chancellor George Osborne earlier this year in an effort to be prepared for a possible acquisition.

Jupiter Am has a long legacy, which is why they have used this year to rename the old Merian brand funds to their own, and continue to move forward under one brand. Its slogan “the value of active minds” is what permeates the business areas of the British firm founded in 1985.

According to Andrew Formica, CEO of Jupiter, “the world is always changing and challenging, so we need people who are willing to continually learn, adapt and be flexible, and make informed judgments that contribute to positive investment results for our clients. customers.”

Jupiter is part of the FTSE 250 index and as of September 30, it had assets under management of € 70.7 billion in equity, fixed income, multi-asset and alternative strategies.

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