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Let’s talk about the concrete: projects for recovery

If the pandemic has revealed something, it is that all our assurances can be questioned. For this reason, this reflection to which Prensa Ibérica invites us once again in this Perspectives supplement, I want to do it more than ever from humility.

We do know that we are at a turning point, which goes beyond the post-covid recovery. It is about reinventing the economy and moving towards a new, more sustainable and inclusive model, in which decarbonization is and will be a fundamental pillar.

We have been talking at length about this, especially in the last year, the whole of society and of course the energy sector. Globality, innovation, digitization, sustainability, technology, regulation, resilience … the words and general lines that focus the conversation on decarbonization and reconstruction are well known to all.

That is why I want to emphasize what will truly allow us to take action: that we promote this economic and social recovery with concrete projects. In the case of Enagás, we have 55 renewable gas projects in Spain, 34 hydrogen and 21 biomethane, along with more than 60 partners. Because our approach is very clear: it is collaboration and joining forces that will allow us to carry out these transformative projects.

Several of them have a very clear focus on job creation, especially in the areas of Spain most affected by the energy transition. An example is Green Hysland, in Mallorca, on the land of a former Cémex cement company and together with Acciona, IDAE and Redexis. It is the first project to produce green hydrogen in Spain. Another is that of The Robla, in León, a traditionally mining area, where together with Naturgy we will start up another large green hydrogen plant on the site of an old thermal power plant.

Another line of action of our renewable gas projects is help industry –and heavy transport— to continue decarbonizing, guaranteeing its competitiveness. And one step could be substituting the gray hydrogen that these industries already consume with green hydrogen. There the valleys or hubs hydrogen, such as that of Catalonia and others in which Enagás participates, and which are the first technological impulse. Also projects with leading industrial companies, such as LatemAluminium, with whom we are going to promote two green hydrogen production plants in two of its factories in Castilla y León. This is going to be a reference project to open the way to the production of green aluminum.

In addition, we have recently launched in Burgos together with Suma Capital the first private industrial biomethane facility with connection to the network Spanish gas company, which will avoid emitting around 30,000 equivalent tons of CO2 and will contribute to the circular economy.

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Another focus of these projects is technological, and an example is the innovative project Sunrgyze with Repsol, with which we have already developed, patented and validated in a pilot plant a pioneering technology to produce hydrogen from water and solar energy.

If each company is capable of launching concrete projects, sustainable in the long term, profitable on their own – regardless of the support that European funds may provide – that involve innovative technologies, that promote a competitive industry and believe wealth and employment for the country, then yes we will be pushing towards a real transformation of the Spanish economy.

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