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MeoTools launches a cryptocurrency monitoring tool that will surprise you

Key facts:
  • MeoTools monitors the portfolio of traders in real time, as well as the market.

  • The tool provides alerts that can be configured according to various parameters.

With the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, it can be a challenge for investors to keep track of every digital asset that is part of their portfolio. For this reason, companies like MeoTools have decided to create a tool that facilitates the monitoring of crypto assets.

In this way, traders will have to spend less time and effort thanks to this innovative platform. It is a virtual assistant that, automatically, monitor your operations 24 hours a day. So long gone are the days where it was necessary to spend a long time in front of a screen to detect changes in the market.

MeoTools was born as a project that was launched on PancakeSwap with a very clear objective: make traders work easier, practical and efficient. And that is how a cryptocurrency monitoring tool was created capable of detecting changes such as the percentage of growth and decline of an asset, liquidity, volume of operations and other factors.

One of the advantages that MeoTools offers to users is that it is an all-in-one monitoring panel. It is the combination of recognized platforms such as MetaMask and PancakeSwap, so it could be considered as the next generation of cryptocurrency monitoring tools.

According to the CEO of the company, this multipurpose tool has the function of making the journey of users in the world of cryptocurrencies easier, eliminating several of the obstacles that many traders have to deal with today.

Among the main functions of MeoTools are:

  • Monitor the user’s portfolio in real time.
  • Provide different types of alerts for any token in the portfolio.
  • Track data such as price, liquidity, and trade volume of an asset.
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens easily and quickly.
  • Analyze the market easily thanks to its attractive user-friendly graphics.

The next generation of cryptocurrency monitoring tools

The creators of MeoTools not only focused on the functions of the platform, but also on its security. And this is an issue of great importance when it comes to money. In October 2021, MeoTools received a high score (84/100) from Certik, a company that classifies the security of multiple blockchain projects.

But this is just the beginning for MeoTools. The future of this platform is promising. The company reveals on its website that for next year it plans to make MeoTools part of other blockchains in addition to Binance Smart Chain, such as Ethereum and Polygon. A mobile version of MeoTools will also be implemented, perfect for those who want to operate from the comfort of their smartphone.

The project is still in the development phase, which means that there is still a long way to go. In order to improve the quality of your platform, MeoTools strives to listen to the advice and recommendations of users that make up your community. This ensures that you create a tool that is well adapted to your needs and those of a market as fast as cryptocurrencies.

If you want to know more about MeoTools, visit their Web page and social networks: Twitter Y Telegram.

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