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Music video clip financed 100% with bitcoin launched in Spain

Key facts:
  • Tickets for the Huecco concerts can be paid with bitcoin and ether.

  • The artist met bitcoin during the pandemic, in 2020.

The bitcoin (BTC) exchange Coinmotion Oy and the Spanish singer-songwriter known as Huecco, have released a music video that they claim was fully funded with the leading cryptocurrency.

According to a release published today, December 20, it was reported that the idea of pay the costs of the promotional video of the single “Under your skin” with bitcoin, it was by Huecco, whose real name is Iván Sevillano Pérez.

The artist returned to music after five years of silence, convinced bitcoin helped him during the pandemic at times when there were no live shows.

Huecco reported in an interview that, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it was necessary to invest in bitcoin. “I’m beginning to see that I have to put my savings into something or they won’t reach me until December,” he said.

He assures that he knew that the world of music was going to be paralyzed. “I find bitcoin, I inform myself and I am also aware of its volatility, but I consider that it was in a good moment”, he pointed in an interview with a Spanish medium.

Huecco paid everyone involved in making the video with bitcoin. Fountain: Huecco.

In this way, the artist decides to adopt bitcoin and finance his new music video with cryptocurrency. All the people who worked on the video, from the area of ​​production, direction, recording, post-production, lights and sound, art design, makeup to hairdressing, charged through their wallets with bitcoin, detail in the description of the video on YouTube.

Concert tickets paid with bitcoin

Huecco through writing, also announced that in 2022 he is preparing the launch of his album “XV Anniversary”, which will give start a concert tour.

In this sense, the Spanish artist revealed that Tickets for their live performances can be paid with bitcoin or ether (ETH), the native cryptomoney of Ethereum.

When asked about the metaverses and if he would dare to give concerts in that virtual world, he was willing. He also said that I could sing in El Salvador. “We are a huge community, as there are many people interested in cryptocurrencies,” he added.

It is worth noting that El Salvador was the first country to adopt bitcoin as its official currency, a fact reported by CriptoNoticias. Currently, it is possible that the reserves of the Central American country could be reaching 1,230 BTC.


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