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Nordpass Premium, for examination: the questions you have sent us (and their answers) about this password manager

A few days ago, through our Instagram we asked you to send us your questions about the Nordpass Premium password manager. And after you sent us all your questions, today we are here to give you the answers to your questions and so you can have all the information.

We have prepared the answers for you in a video that you will see below, although below it we will review the most outstanding answers that you will find in it. In the end, the idea is that you can get to know this product in depth.

Q&A on Nordpass Premium, on video

The first thing you ask us is for password sharing options. Here, you can create folders with multiple passwords, like streaming ones, and share them to another user with a Nordpass account, even if it’s free. You can choose whether what type of information each user can see in each shared folder, such as if you only want them to see the username, or give them rights to see everything or modify it.

In addition, the application allows you to use FaceID on iOS or fingerprint functions on Android. It also supports biometric unlocking of macOS and Windows. Besides, also We explain the type of encryption it uses This application, which we already warned you, is of the latest generation.

Answering your questions, we also tell you about the many options you have to generate new passwords. In addition, you also ask us about the options to recover the master access key, although the best thing is that we do not lose it, because Nordpass has a zero-knowledge protocol, they do not know your passwords or data such as the master account.

We also answer other questions such as the options to autofill the password in external applications, or the way you can organize your passwords using folders. In addition, we also respond to options about exporting or importing passwords from other password management services.

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