Tuesday, July 5

Outlook 2022

Prensa Ibérica brings together in this special, for the second consecutive year, the leaders of large Spanish companies to analyze, with their help, the real expectations of economic growth that can be housed in Spain for the year that begins.

To this reflection on the opportunities and threats offered by the current landscape, still marked by the pandemic and its consequences, are also joined by the President of the Government, the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the President of CEOE and the Governor of the Bank of Spain, among others .

Before him great challenge of consolidating the recovery in 2022, A representative cast of authorities and businessmen unravel the keys that allow us to take the pulse of the Spanish economy, embarked on a solid process of economic take-off after advancing the vaccination in the course of this year.

What impact will the omicron variant have? How fast will our economy grow next year? Are we making efficient use of European aid? Will tourism return to precovid levels in the coming months? Will it continue to create jobs? Will inflation continue to rise? To what extent does the rise in prices of electricity, gas and fuel reduce the prospects for our business fabric? Can we be optimistic in the current context of light and shadow? How will Spain fare in 2022?

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From the most absolute freedom of focus, the prominent personalities who participate in Perspectives 2022, as authorized voices in different productive sectors, provide the reader with an exact X-ray of the challenges, risks, strengths and progress that our country faces in the current situation.

I hope this special supplement, published in all print and digital newspapers of general information about our group, is of interest to you.


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