Friday, July 1

Renfe, boost of economic recovery

After two especially hard years, derived from the consequences that COVID-19 is causing in all areas, from Renfe we ​​face 2022 as the year of the impulse to economic recovery, maintaining our investment effort and clearly betting on public service.

The Renfe investment will reach 914 million euros next year (more than three times that in 2019), especially highlighting the item for the purchase and improvement of rolling stock, to which more than three-quarters of the investment is allocated (743 million) and that will allow progress in the renewal of our train fleet.

Likewise, over the next year we will continue to carry out actions to improve accessibility and equipment at the stations managed by Renfe, within the framework of the actions to modernize our Cercanías network.

Managing the pandemic has been a huge challenge for the whole of society, and also for our company which, with the effort and adaptability of all its workers, it is progressively recovering pre-COVID levels of activity and demand.

As a consequence of the health crisis, and despite maintaining the Public Employment Offer of 2020 and 2021, which provided for the incorporation of 924 train drivers into Renfe (110% of the retirement leave in that period), we have suffered a momentary lack of drivers due to delays in ltraining and homologation of these new workers, necessary for driving passenger trains.

This lag will be resolved in the middle of next year, date on which Renfe will reach 5,720 machinists in its workforce (the highest figure since the Employment Plan was approved in 2016) and, in this way, you will be able to recover all the services that existed before the pandemic.

The recovery of services allows us to foresee that we will continue to recover the demand prior to the pandemic in both our public services and commercial services and that we will close the year 2022 with benefits.

To this will contribute, among other things, the commissioning of the high-speed line to Galicia, and the extension of products such as AVLO in other high-speed relationships.

I also want to remember that next year we will give the definitive impulse to one of our most important projects that is already a reality today, the Digital Competence Centers, framed in the Government’s strategy to decentralize activity from large cities to much less populated nuclei, and that contribute, as a socially responsible company that we are, to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations that we have incorporated into our business strategy.

Parallel to the expansion of company services, from Renfe we ​​will continue to develop the basic lines of our Strategic Plan, which we have adapted to new circumstances, such as the iInternationalization, digitization and customer orientation, which will allow us to place the company in the best conditions to compete in the liberalized market, inside and outside our borders.

The liberalization of passenger transport by rail represents an opportunity for the improvement of the company and a stimulus to achieve attract more people to the train and consolidate ourselves in the leadership of the sector.

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In 2022 we will continue with our expansion to other countries in order to consolidate ourselves as an international benchmark in railway operation, especially at high speed.

And we will continue, likewise, enhancing capacities in the technological area, an area that plays a key role in the transformation process digital company in order to become an integral mobility and logistics operator, with the capacity to provide services to offer a global response and satisfy all the needs of our clients.

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