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Seagen aims to transform the lives of cancer patients through a new generation of targeted drugs



The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that, in the next 20 years, cancer cases will not only continue to increase, but could reach alarming proportions, with 60% more cases in industrialized countries and 81% more in middle-income countries or low.

To prevent this scenario from being fulfilled and save, by 2030, around seven million lives worldwide, the WHO proposes a series of measures that will help prevent the appearance of new cases. But in addition to prevention, it is essential to have innovative drugs that treat the millions of people who will suffer from cancer.

That is the primary goal of Seagen, a biotech company whose mission is to discover, develop and commercialize disruptive and targeted treatments for cancer with the goal of transforming the lives of patients.

For more than 23 years,
has been leading the development of new cancer therapies, being a pioneer specifically in the area of ​​immuno-conjugated antibodies (ADCs). In addition to ADCs, Seagen is also recognized for its potential and scientific excellence in developing enhanced or enhanced antibodies based on other technology platforms such as defucosylated antibodies. With all this, the company continues to expand and develop its portfolio of revolutionary therapies targeting a broad spectrum of solid and hematological tumors.

New generation of cancer treatments

The main basis of Seagen’s research is its technological platforms, with particular emphasis on the areas of conjugated antibodies (ADCs) and defucosylated antibodies (SEAs). “We want to continue improving our own technological platforms, to continue being leaders in the development of conjugated antibodies while at the same time exploring new technologies such as defucosylated antibodies. Always with the aim of making disruptive and targeted solutions available to cancer patients that help transform their lives», Says Álvaro Núñez, general manager in Spain and Portugal. Not surprisingly, Seagen has more than 20 ongoing clinical trials.

His clinical research is leading Seagen to develop a new generation of cancer treatments, based on the technology of ADCs and defucosylated antibodies, targeting a wide spectrum of tumors including cervix, lung, breast, bladder, myeloma. multiple, lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndromes and pancreatic cancer, among others.

In addition to optimizing its technology platforms and product portfolio, the company is also growing both in size and geographic presence. Currently Seagen is made up of a team of more than 2,500 people around the world – more than half scientists and clinical researchers – and for just 2 years it has had a fully integrated operational presence in Europe – in addition to North America – with the capacity to manufacturing and supply chain, marketing, and clinical development. Thus in Europe they have just opened offices in 7 countries at the European level and are currently present in 12 international locations.

The keys to its leadership and growth are based on three pillars: focus on critical unmet needs of cancer patients; permanent commitment to R&D; and rigorousness of its scientific approach.

Focus on breast cancer

One of the main focuses of Seagen’s research is breast cancer. Every year approximately 33,000 new cases are diagnosed in Spain, and despite the fact that advances in recent years have increased the chances of surviving the disease, there are still a large number of patients who do not succeed. It is estimated that last year more than 6,000 patients died of this disease in Spain.

Therefore, there are still unmet needs in this disease on which we must continue working. In this sense, Álvaro Núñez points out «Through our revolutionary and top-level R&D we intend to bring solutions for breast cancer patients who are in the most compromised situations».

Transforming the lives of cancer patients

Seagen’s core value is the passion to transform the lives of cancer patients. All members of the company share this value. “We demonstrate this passion not only by developing solutions that meet critical medical needs for cancer patients, but also by developing initiatives and supporting patients, their families and the associations that work tirelessly for them,” says the company spokesperson.

In this regard, and despite having been in Spain for a year and a half, it has already collaborated in some initiatives. An example of this is the sponsorship in the “Women’s Race 2021”, An event in which thousands of women from all over Spain, and also Seagen’s own employees, have run to support the fight against breast cancer and raise funds for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

Likewise, within the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”Also launched a global awareness campaign that had repercussions in the different countries where Seagen is present in Europe, and of course in Spain. Finally, Seagen collaborated in an event on breast cancer with experts in the field in order to make visible and raise awareness in society about the reality and needs of these patients.

At Seagen, Álvaro Núñez points out, “our commitment to patients leads us to continue working tirelessly to develop and make available to patients disruptive and targeted drugs against cancer in areas that still have a series of unmet needs. All this, with our mission to transform their lives.

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