Sunday, July 3

Spain, the axis of the logistics market of the future

Logistics has been revealed not only as one of the most dynamic sectors during the health crisis, but a good part of the analysts point out that it will be a protagonist both in the recovery and in the economy of the next decade. The ce-commerce consolidation During the confinement, it caused the sector to be unable to stop, being one of the few economic engines and generators of employment in this situation. But looking to the future, logistics is destined to be a fundamental part of an increasingly global market.

Our country cannot be oblivious to opportunities that the economy of tomorrow will offer. Due to its geographical and cultural position, our country can and must play a leading role in a future strategic axis that an Asia and Latin America. A strategy that will be very beneficial for the transformation that our production system has pending.

This country bet is only possible if we continue promoting the internationalization and digitization of Correos, adapting our processes and infrastructures, increasing our efficiency and expanding our services to serve the entire value chain of the logistics process, going beyond the last-mile delivery.

But our determination will be of little use without the effort being decided and on the part of all of us who are part of the economy of our country. In this situation, the funds allocated by the European Union for the recovery will be of decisive importance. Is about a unique opportunity for a unique moment.

At Correos we have decided that yes, we want to be the tool that enables our country to become a logistics benchmark, providing our technology, our logistics capacity, and our capillarity in distribution.

In this sense, we carry out a continuous reflection on the situation of the markets and their possible evolution. To do this, we seek to increase our contribution of value, reinforcing strategic businesses and diversification, and driving increasingly sustainable processes, also socially. Only in this way can we continue to maintain our mission of public service, being useful to society and the economic recovery of the country.

And how do we want to do it? We believe that we must bet on public-private collaboration, so that the contribution of Correos, as a public company, must always go in the direction of strengthening the economic growth of the entire country. We need a strong corporate public sector that serves as a tractor for the private sector in that objective of increasing the competitiveness and solidity of our economic fabric.

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At Correos we believe that the time has come to evolve the traditional concept of public-private collaboration understood as in which public administrations provide funds for private companies to implement them. We want to serve as a nexus, squeezing the synergies that are obtained thanks to the joint work of public and private companies.

In short, from the Post Office we are already working in this regard, laying the foundations today for that joint strategy that could be so beneficial for our country. At the end of the day, promoting the Spanish economy is our duty as a company, our contribution to the society to which we are committed.

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