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Stock market for Monday, December 20, 2021

The Ibex 35 He has gone from a high fever to a low-grade fever today. After a decrease that exceeded 2%, the session ended with a more moderate decline, of 0.83% in the session this Monday, which has led the selective to close at 8,200 points. All this in a context marked by the advancement of omicron, the new variant of the covid-19, which has already led several countries to implement new restrictions for Christmas, such as the Netherlands, which has decreed confinement for four weeks. In this way, the selective has closed the session at 8,242.4 points, although it has reached a minimum of 8,042.4 integers, slowing its fall at the end of the day.

The ‘red lantern’ has been Merlin Properties, whose board of directors has announced the calling of an extraordinary meeting. Thus, at the closing, the Socimi has ended with a decrease of 6.34% and a price of 8.95 euros per share, compared to the 9.45 euros that it marked last Friday at the end of the session.

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In addition to Merlin, the steepest falls today were Grifols (-4.61%), ArcelorMittal (-3.18%), Siemens Gamesa (-1.88%), Colonial (-1, 87%), CaixaBank (-1.62%), Mapfre (-1.48%) and Bankinter (-1.46%).

On the other hand, only Rovi (+ 3.33%) have presented revaluations, which was its first day trading on the Ibex 35, Acciona (+ 0.38%), CIE Automotive (+ 0.31%) , Solaria (+ 0.31%), Red Eléctrica (+ 0.29%) and Acerinox (+ 0.23%).

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