Tuesday, July 5

Sustainability to drive growth

After the impact that Covid-19 has left on the economy, it is now time to take action and begin to build, without delay, the foundations of a new sustainable, realistic and fair economy. Recovery policies revolve around this objective; both the European Next Generation funds and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan are tools that, together with private investment, should strengthen growth.

The energy sector is leading the fight against climate change. We have the necessary technology available, we have the commitment of all actors with the transformation of our economy and with sustainability, and we enjoy the necessary incentives to carry it out.

But there will be neither recovery nor transition if we do not join forces from administrations and the private sector. Business leadership is key, but we have to go hand in hand, with stable regulatory frameworks that give visibility and sufficient return on investment.

It’s time to consolidate the country’s energy matrix, promote renewable gases and hydrogen, and work for an adequate integration of new energy sources. For it energy companies have a leading rolel in this transformation of the sector, and of the economy as a whole, including job creation.

Naturgy is firm committed to the energy transition and recovery from the country. In 2018 we began our transformation to face the challenges of a sector undergoing profound structural change, which has been accelerated by the consequences of the pandemic, and the increase in sustainability objectives at a European and global level. Just four years later, the company has made a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 and is ready to contribute to the economic growth of the countries where we operate.

We are fully convinced that either we are sustainable, or we will not be. For this reason, we have integrated the ESG criteria into our management, from the design of products and services, to the development of new projects. We have started a path of no return to digitization, from our gas and electricity networks to the comprehensive service to our customers, who demand from us more agility, flexibility and customization in our relationship with them.

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We have put people at the center of all our decisions, to offer excellent service to our clients and opportunities for professional development to our employees. And all this, without neglecting the attention to our shareholders, who support us unconditionally in this transformation in which we are immersed.

I am convinced that 2022 will be a definitive year for, as I said at the beginning, to start acting, decisively and realistically, to transform our environment and achieve sustainability goals that we have set our sights on the well-being of people.


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