Friday, July 1

Telefónica pays almost 300 million cash dividend

34.98% of Telefónica shareholders received this Friday the payment of 0.148 euros per share in cash corresponding to the operator’s dividend, which will pay out 291.8 million euros, which leaves the number of holders who choose the shares.

In this way, the percentage of shareholders who opt for the flexible dividend for non-monetary remuneration falls six percentage points compared to the June dividend, in which the 71.4% opted this way.

In this way, the company will issue 140.99 million ordinary shares with a par value of one euro, which is equivalent to increase the share capital by 2.5% with an amount of 140.99 million of euros.

The operator expects that the new shares will be admitted to trading on the four Spanish stock exchanges and be tradable on the Spanish Stock Market Interconnection System next Thursday, December 23.

Thus, the first ordinary listing session for the new shares would be on December 27. The firm will also request admission of listing on the foreign exchanges where the securities are listed.

Telefónica shares behaved this Friday against the current of the Ibex 35 and closed with a rise of 0.85%, to 3.85 euros per share.

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