Friday, July 1

The genie of the lamp and energy

Let’s suppose that we find a lost lamp, we rub it, and a genie appears who proposes that we ask him for three energy wishes for this year 2022. The lamp does not necessarily have to be electric. It could perfectly be made from a sustainable kerosene like the one Repsol already produces and which, by the way, emits less CO2 throughout its life cycle than many electrical uses.

First wish: that we do not lack energy. In other words, what is technically known as security of supply. For this, it is important to know what energy we are going to need for the coming decades: oil, natural gas, renewable electricity, advanced biofuels, electrical storage … We have to guarantee the support and, at the very least, the non-demonization of those energies that we are going to need. If we demonize them or make it difficult for their production to be financed, they will be scarce, as is the case now with gas, and prices will be very high.

Second wish: energy is reasonably priced. Families must be able to afford it. It is not tolerable for industries to stop, damaging employment, because they cannot compete because energy is expensive. I advance you an idea that would help this objective: the Government of Spain should demand that the European Union, while this energy emergency lasts, put more CO rights2 in the market, so that financial speculation does not continue to raise the price of electricity and the cost that industries have to pay for using natural gas. The European Commission must go down to the real needs of families and industries, keeping its ideological manuals in the drawer.

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Third wish: that the energy we produce reduces its CO emissions2. To do this, we must use all technologies, without ideology and determinisms prohibiting some of them. More science and less political program. If replacing five diesel cars with five new diesels costs taxpayers less than subsidizing an electric one and the effect on reducing CO22 is older, why don’t we do it? Why do we prefer to subsidize those with higher incomes? Let’s decarbonise the economy, but at the lowest possible cost, and also with social justice. That those that pay for the energy transition are not industrial jobs and middle and low incomes.

Having requested my energy wishes for the year 2022, I ask the genius to add an additional one. That what is approved in the laws, is fulfilled. An example? The European requirements to use advanced biofuels in our fuels must be applied and fulfilled in Spain. Without fraud, like the one that abounds. There are companies that fail to comply and that introduce cheaper fuel that comes from oil instead, causing economic damage (less payment of taxes), social damage (to the employment of compliant companies) and environmental damage (more CO emissions2). It is easily verifiable and punishable. Green talk starts by punishing the environmental fraudster. And don’t worry the genius. The kerosene in your lamp is an advanced biofuel.

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