Friday, July 1

The Government will approve 926 places this Tuesday to reinforce the SEPE

  • The call will be approved by the Council of Ministers and is independent of the one scheduled for 2022, which will provide more staff to the body

The Minister council plans to give the green light this Tuesday to a public employment offer of 926 spaces to reinforce the staff of the Public State Employment Service (SEPE). This is explained by sources familiar with the process, who point out that said call is independent of the one scheduled for 2022, which will provide more staff to the body. The Union CSIF He has reacted to the announcement by stating his rejection of the extraordinary job offer, considering it “insufficient”. The public disbursement of the call would be around 21 million euros, according to knowledgeable sources.

To reinforce the workforce with new troops and with the aim of reversing the tendency of previous governments to lose muscle after not calling enough job offers, the Government plans to give the green light to what will be the first specific call for employment for the SEPE. The selection processes that will later be called for the coverage of the authorized places, will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the royal decree by which the public employment offer is approved for the year 2021.

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The SEPE has been one of the most stressed organizations during this pandemic, given the avalanche of additional workload generated by the thousands of processed ertes and the people who lost their jobs and registered as applicants for benefits. This has caused that in the first moments there was a collapse of the offices and later there were some delays or incidents in payments. The most recent this December, that due to a “specific technical incidence in the system in the processing of benefits”, thousands of affected people were left unpaid this month.

With this call for 926 positions, the Government also seeks to alleviate the loss of 1,500 temporary jobs that it activated at the beginning of the pandemic for the additional workload and that in the following months it has not been renewing.

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