Monday, July 4

The Government will increase the teleworking of civil servants to 100% due to the boom in omicron

  • The delegated commission of the Catalan Executive in matters of covid debates whether to reinforce the exercise remotely and studies that those public employees who cannot, have access to paid leave to care for confined relatives

The Government of the Generalitat study to reinforce the telecommuting between your public employees and increase up to four and five working days of exercise from home. Currently the civil servants and labor personnel could work two days remotely and three days in the office. This is one of the measures to reduce mobility and control infections in the face of the boom in the omicron variant that is being studied this Monday by the delegated commission of the Catalan Executive on COVID matters. Some administration departments already received a circular last Friday as they began to telework preferentially five days a week. Knowledgeable sources point out that the reinforcement of teleworking among civil servants is one of the measures that have the most numbers to prosper and that it could be announced at the Executive Council scheduled for this Tuesday. Sources from the ‘conselleria’ of the Presidency neither confirm nor deny this option and limit themselves to stating that the new measures “will already be communicated in a timely manner.”

Departments such as the Center for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI) already received a circular last Friday informing them that as of this Monday they should increase the exercise remotely. “Due to the current situation of containment of the expansion of the covid-19 virus, the CTTI leadership has decided that as of next Monday, December 20, we will preferably adopt the 100% teleworking modality. If for service reasons we have to go to work in person, it will be necessary to take into account the prevention measures “, according to the statement that EL PERIÓDICO has had access to.

The Catalan administration is finalizing how to make a move at the gates of Christmas and in the face of the strong rebound in infections in recent weeks. And the public function, where they have the greatest margin, points out as one of the ways to reduce the mobility of people. As regards the private sector, the Generalitat lacks mandatory powers and can only issue recommendations. Regarding the civil service, the plan being considered by the Catalan administration is to return to the pre-summer mode and enable five days of teleworking for about 40,000 employees, mainly in administrative areas, on a workforce of 190,000 workers dependent on the Generalitat.

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Knowledgeable sources also point out that the Catalan administration contemplates other extraordinary measures for those employees indirectly affected by omicron. For those profiles who cannot telecommute but have to stay home because, for example, a child has been in close contact with a positive and has to stay in quarantine for a few days, the administration is studying enabling paid leave.

The Generalitat, in parallel with many private sector companies, began its own de-escalation on July 1. By then, and with a view to having it completed by September, public employees began to exercise remotely two days a week and three days in person. A telework always voluntarily, unlike the first and strictest moments of confinement -state of alarm through-, when the Catalan administrators went to total telework. Now Funció Pública is studying staying on the path of voluntariness and extending margins up to five days remotely.

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