Sunday, July 3

The Ibex 35 does not go over 8,100 and only Rovi is saved from burning on its first day of trading

After a complicated week last week, in which the main Western central banks proceeded to “show their cards” – all of them have started or are about to start the process of withdrawing stimuli, which will not prevent that, at least for a few years, its monetary policies continue to be accommodative-, a week that also ended with the four-fold maturity of derivatives on indices and stocks last Friday, which always generates high volatility, and in which the European and US stock markets closed mostly at the decline, investors face a new week in which the pandemic once again monopolizes their attention.

The IBEX 35 is experiencing a black Monday today, with an opening in which all values ​​started the day in negative. The Spanish selective is trading with drops of 1.39% at 8,196.30. In the half session, few news except for Laboratorios Rovi, which became the only value on the rise this Monday, with increases of 0.87% and traded at 69.70, on the day of its premiere in the Spanish selective .

The rest of the 35 listed companies, all of them moving negative, with MERLIN Properties (-4.92%), Grifols (-4.09%) and Melia Hotels (-3.61%) leading the red numbers .

Within the Continuous Market, the most bearish values ​​are Vocento (-7.01%), Berkeley Energia (-6.53%) and Squirrel Media (-6.20%). On the other hand, increases for Viscofan (2.53%), Soltec (2.33%) and CEVASA (2.19%).

Viscofan’s rises come on its first trading day outside the selective, a position in which Rovi is listed in its place today.

Next key levels of the Ibex

In his technical analysis of today’s Ibex 35, Ei’s director of analysis, Luis Francisco Ruiz, explained that “in the short term, the breakdown of support significantly blurs the probability that we will attend the famous Christmas rally.”

“As long as the index does not exceed 8,311 points and breaks with the downward dynamics that starts from annual highs, the moment is clearly negative and the composition favors further falls. The next level of support or support is established around the control zone that is we are at 7,992 points; a blue dashed line drawn in the upper graph “, says Luis Francisco Ruiz. (See the full technical analysis of the Ibex 35).

Other markets

Meanwhile, at the moment, in Europe all the indices are still negative. The DAX it yields 1.79%, to 15,255 points. The FTSE -100 it falls 1.10%, to 7,192 points. The CAC-40 It fell by 1.13%, to 6,848 integers and the Stoxx 50 euro dropped 1.31% at 4,106.

While, Wall Street closed the week and the day of last Friday in red (Dow Jones: -1,48%; S&P 500: -1,03%; Nasdaq: -0,07%) after Thursday’s bearish close, which hit technology mainly, which fell more than 2% as investors bet on more defensive and cyclical stocks, such as banks. Regarding the accumulated of the last five sessions, the Dow Jones has fallen almost 1.7%, while the losses in the S&P 500 have been 1.9%. The Nasdaq has fallen since last Friday by almost 3%. This Monday, American futures are trading down 1.11% for the Dow Jones, 1.25% for the S & P500 and 1.42% for the Nasdaq.

The asian bags They fell after the tightening of restrictions in Europe in the face of the increase in cases of the omicron variant of COVID-19, which threatens to depress the world economy in the new year.

The prices of the Petroleum They fell, with the increase in cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus in Europe and the US fueling fears that new restrictions on companies could affect fuel demand. Brent futures are down 2.72% at $ 71.51, while West Texas is down 3.44% at $ 68.42.

The prices of the bitcoin cut 2.32% in the 46,069.4 dollars.

Economy and politics

The Netherlands entered a new lockdown on Sunday, as the possibility of further restrictions before the Christmas and New Year holidays loomed over several European countries, as the omicron variant of the coronavirus spread rapidly.

China cut its benchmark lending rate for the first time in 20 months in an attempt to prop up growth in its slowing economy, though it remains cautious about easing conditions in the country’s highly leveraged housing market.

China will tighten enforcement of antitrust laws.

US Senator Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat key to the US president’s hopes of passing a $ 1.75 trillion national investment bill, said Sunday that he will not support the package, prompting disapproval from the White House. .

Fed Governor Chris Waller, a notorious “hawk,” says he believes a rate hike in March is “very likely” and that the central bank could start cutting its balance sheet in mid-2022. of the San Francisco Fed, Mary Daly, refused to rule out a hike in March and was in favor of making up to three hikes next year.

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