Tuesday, July 5

The Merlin Properties staff expresses its support for Ismael Clemente

The manifesto notes the following:

In these difficult times, the management team and colleagues of MERLIN Properties want to express loud and clear our unconditional support to the founders of the company, Ismael Clemente and Miguel Ollero, who together with David Brush and some other executives made this project a reality from scratch. in 2014.

MERLIN Properties is a great real estate company, leader in Spain and Portugal, and an example for many other companies due to its culture based on effort, responsibility and humility. MERLIN has a world-class portfolio of assets and offers a predictable, constant and growing profitability to its shareholders. And he has a formidable future ahead of him.

MERLIN does not deserve abusive and feudal behavior by minority shareholders who seek to exercise majority control, stealing their participation in decision-making from the rest of the shareholders, thus saving the payment of the corresponding premium. If any shareholder wishes to control MERLIN, they must make the corresponding public offer and pay the other shareholders the fair market value.

Our management team will look after the interests of society until the end, with the support of the staff. We will not give in to abuse.

Manifesto seconded by the entire management team and 185 company employees.


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