Friday, July 1

The path and the consensus

Without a doubt, 2022 will be a key year to guide the recovery after Covid-19, laying the foundations for a more sustainable future in an environment of uncertainty, in which companies play a decisive role due to their ability to materialize responses to the challenges we face as a society. From the crisis we must extract lessons that allow us to articulate a new growth model, based on the circular economy.

The consensus on the urgency of advancing in a new growth model, with strong sectors that provide added value and create quality employment, is unequivocal. Each sector must be able to articulate solutions and contribute to recovering levels of activity and well-being, within the framework of the European Union roadmap and Next Generation EU funds. Effective governance at the country level must be able to ensure that we focus on truly transformative investments, based on public-private collaboration. The ESG criteria –Environmental, Social, Governance– allow us to have better traceability on the path traveled and future proposals and also allow us to determine when an investment is sustainable.

From the water sector – due to its relevance for economic and social activity and as an essential element for life – we are proposing initiatives to increase resilience in the face of the main challenges facing us, including the climate emergency, laying the foundations for a green and inclusive reconstruction for the coming years. The water sector contributes to the development of other sectors, generates trust and employment in the green economy, executing projects to advance the sustainable development of communities.

As an organization, we champion what we understand as the 21st century business model, which is that of a company that adds value, satisfies a social need and contracts a firm commitment in the relationship with all stakeholders –Not only with shareholders–; that is, workers, suppliers, innovation, sustainable development, social action and the whole of citizenship.

In this sense, and as a proposal for a sustainable and inclusive recovery, from Agbar we are making progress in shaping a social pact, territory by territory, currently materialized in some fifty municipalities in collaboration with the respective administrations. This proposal for a social pact is based on three axes: the Solidarity, to reduce inequalities; quality occupation, fighting job insecurity; Y real reconstructione, to contribute to the ecological transition.

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As important as advancing initiatives is being accountable to all the relationship groups with which we interact. The exercises of dialogue and active listening with the people and entities in our environment should allow us to establish commitments that make it easier for us to contribute, with the basis of alliances, to the progress of society.

The next few months will be very relevant to continue specifying actions for recovery. Our country, at the forefront of vaccinations worldwide, has shown that when we organize ourselves we are capable of carrying out projects in a structured way.

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