Monday, July 4

The peseta returns in the form of cryptocurrency and soars 120,000%

  • This Friday it exceeded 115 million dollars and in less than 24 hours it fell to 50 million

The peseta, which gave way to the euro in 2002 and disappeared just over half a year ago, returned in less than a month in the form of cryptocurrency. This last week it has managed to have a revaluation of 120,000%. This rise is due to the fact that one of the main cryptocurrency websites, Coinmarketcap, it happens to have the quotation of the peseta after appearing in another of the reference pages, Coingecko.

According to the promoters of the token, The Digital Peseta It had a market capitalization of 2.7 million dollars and this Friday it exceeded 115 million dollars and just 24 hours later it fell to 50.

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This ‘cryptocurrency’ is not the first that has been created in reference to the currency used by the Spanish during the 20th century. In 2014, the Pesetacoin was born, which in the middle of this year was renamed Peseta Digital. In the first weeks of its creation, it had a value of $ 0.08 per token, but its value fell between 2015 and 2017 to a value of 0.0004 dollars per token although it began to rebound until reaching 0.17 dollars / token in January of this year.

They are currently priced at $ 0.0008 and their market capitalization is $ 122,000, one thousandth of that achieved this Friday by its namesake. In addition, this type of ‘digital pesetas’ is expected to have an end in 2029.

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