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The record for Android updates has been achieved by this 2015 Android TV: the proof that if you want to, you can

Seven years of updates on an Android, but it’s not a Google Pixel or a Nexus. The NVIDIA Shield TV in its original version, released in 2015, has broken every record of updates by an Android device, updating to Android TV 11.

The Shield TV of 2015 came with a powerful Tegra processor, largely responsible for this device updating for so many years.

If you want, you can

In Android, at best, manufacturers are promising up to three years of updates for their high-end. Four years if we talk about security updates in the case of Samsung, three in the case of Google. Fragmentation is still the big problem for Android, and it is that rival systems such as iOS update for a few six or seven years, just the record that NVIDIA has broken.

The NVIDIA Shield TV has given lessons that if you want, it can be updated for years

How to update Android to its latest version

With the arrival of Android 11, first as ROM Recovery and in the next few days as an update via OTA, Shield TV is the most updated Android device in history, with seven years of updates, a ROM that will reach all versions of the Shield, both old and new.

NVIDIA has played cards in its favor

Incorporating the Tegra in 2015 was a big move by NVIDIAAs this SoC has stood the test of time better than its Qualcomm and MediaTek counterparts. Most of your competition’s processors did not offer support for more versions at the driver level, making it impossible to update devices with this hardware to newer versions.

The movement is curious, since NVIDIA has skipped Android 10 to jump directly from Android TV 9 to Android TV 11. A year of sacrifice to have one of the latest versions. On the Google side, being already presented Android TV 12, the version has only arrived for developers and it has not yet expanded via OTA. It remains to be seen how Google’s first Android TV device gets updated, which has a tough way to beat NVIDIA’s device.

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