Tuesday, July 5

To be a top baron



Someday the sanchismo will present Tezanos the medal to the indesmayable soldier. The CIS follows his, facing the rest of the polls, erre que erre, making us believe that it is everyone else who has a changed foot and that Sánchez is huge, superior and on an unlimited ascent. Meanwhile, the Castilian-Leon president yesterday took the step that he did not dare to take nine months ago; the electoral advance. In that fight, Ayuso established himself as an indisputable politician, by cunning, daring and results. On the other hand, Fernández Mañueco preferred not to press the nuclear button to finalize the legislature, and then a vote of no confidence fell on him, which could be repeated in March. Manueco now wants to be a baron too

first class, such as those of Madrid, Andalusia and Galicia, and for this it is necessary not only to win the elections when it is their turn, but the gallantry of piloting regional policy from the initiative, effective leadership, commanding and anticipating the shortcuts of PSOE and Citizens.

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